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We are the farmers’ partners, we form them, we inform them, we offer them consultancy, and, together, we are projecting the Romanian agriculture. In the first year of activity we enjoy the presence of over 45,000 unique visitors / week.

We are aiming for our farmers to gather as much information as possible, to exchange knowledge between them and to use modern technology, in order to enhance the learning and stimulate the innovation within the different farm types that exist in Romania.

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We present to you our advertising offer, available both on the site www.agrimanet.ro and on www.portal.agrimanet.ro platform:

Advertorial type campaign:

An article can contain in its text up to 4 ‘do-follow’ type hyperlinks and we do not impose any limits on the word count or on the number of images used.

Banner type campaign:

  • Banner of 728×90 pixels – Header Media Position – All site banner.
  • Banner of 970×250 pixels – Home Main Content Superior Area.
  • Banner of 970×250 pixels – Home Main Content Inferior Area.
  • Banner of 300×250 pixels – Right Section – All site banner.
  • Banner of various dimensions – Inside of a certain article.

The implementation of your product(s):

The implementation of your product(s) to a number of 100 farmers situated in the south of Romania. Thus, we will cover a minimum of 10 counties where we will be monitoring the usage of your technology, from seed sowing/seed germination to harvesting. The product will be tested on a relevant surface – parcels between 3 and 10 hectares of big cultures/farms, with control plot. With each of these farmers a contract will be concluded, and a representative of yours can participate whenever you wish to the agrotechnical activities that include the usage of your product.

Centrul de Inovare Agricolă AGRIMANET, București, sector 2, Str. Calea Moșilor nr. 158, sc. B, et. 2, Număr de ordine în R.C.: J40/14284/2011, EUID: ROONRC.J40/14284/2011, CUI: 29404309, cont:  RO15RZBR0000060022717135, Raiffeisen Bank, agrimanet@agrimanet.ro, agrocoophub@gmail.com, 0790 218 611

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